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The natural tendency of lobsters living in warmer temperatures has brought about greater quantity of lobsters during warm seasons. In terms of the increasing population in warmer seasons, these are ideal lobster seasons. Practically, lobsters are kept on a readily supply for all seasons in lobster pounds. The frequent storms during winter force the lobster population to migrate toward deeper waters whereas the effects of the storms are reduced considerably. According to the harsh conditions during the winter weather, the process of harvesting lobsters is most challenging, thus the lobster pounds become active at such times. Lobster pounds allow millions of live lobster to be encompassed in areas along the coasts, providing more than an adequate amount of lobster for reserve.

The lobster seasons are year-round with the exception of the winter seasons. The actual dates for the lobster season vary and can be broken down by couple of aspects. One view is by location, in warmer regions of the world lobster seasons tend to begin approximately a month before spring to a month after winter solstice and of course summer seasons are the most promising interval. Another aspect is to focus on the kind of lobster or species of choice for harvesting.

The following is a table to separately illustrate a few popular lobsters type with their approximate date of abundance:
Type of lobster:

New Shell Lobsters*
American Lobsters
Spiny Lobsters
Approximate dates:

July - October
March - December
All year round
Most popular season:


*New shell lobsters are lobsters that have just been through molting or shedding. These lobsters have a very soft shell and many people do not considered them as good as hard shelled lobsters.

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